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Homecoming Week 22- Flop or Not?!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

by Roni Lawrence

The Range staff writer

MRHS-This year's Monopoly theme brought excitement to MRHS, but the real question is did it live up to its expectations? There were mixed opinions on spirit week + the dance itself-whether or not everyone the location, the music, and the theme.

Homecoming week- Sep 11-17 brought a new Spirit Day theme that brought many unique outfits to school. Starting off on Monday being pajama day. Leading to decades on Tuesday. Wednesday was wear your class color- freshmen and juniors were supposed to wear blue, sophomores and seniors were supposed to wear black. At lunch there was a table outside making tye-dye shirts for Thursday, which was tie-dye day. Last, but not least, Friday was neon day. The day that surpassed every other one was of course neon day, where the halls were filled with neon green and pink.

Continuing on the topic of neon themes, the neon themed football game held on Friday was highly anticipated. With Mountain Range High School winning the game with an amazing score of 13-7. While at the game our 2022 Homecoming Royalty was announced. Finishing off the exciting Friday night with fireworks and kicking off a good start to the weekend.

Saturday, Mountain Range High School staff hosted the big dance. Just like the football game, many people showed up- making it super crowded inside the cafeteria, gym and especially the bathrooms. Sasika Mow, a 10th grader, said, “..the music was… eh, I'm not big on dance music.”. They thought this year's dance was immensely better than last years because it was in the gym instead of the football field (even though mostly everyone agreed that it was way too hot in the school). Going along with that, they voiced that while everyone looked great, they didn’t see many people pull through on the monopoly theme.

Vivi Newlove, a freshman, agreed about the music, saying “It was too loud for comfort.” and that the DJ could’ve played better, more popular music. She also agreed that not many people followed the monopoly theme and that the school could have maybe done something more versatile. She rated her first hoco as an 8 out of 10 and said she will most likely go next year.

The gym itself was packed this year, and many people complained about the heat because of it. Going along with the problem of heat, most of the people were split on whether or not it was a plus that this year's dance was in the gym. Some people said they would rather not deal with the extraordinary body heat being wafted around; and some people said it was a good thing the dance was held in the gym because of weather changes, being closer to bathrooms etc. There was also a common pattern of people leaving early, and not staying for a while/the whole thing.

Although the Monopoly theme was let down this year, with only around 3 people being reported to actually follow the theme, students still brought some school spirit the whole week dressing up. There were some mixed opinions on the pros and cons for this year's hoco, but overall this year's homecoming was not deemed as a flop. People are already excited and looking forward to next year and what it’ll bring to the plate.

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