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Girls Volleyball at The Range

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

by Sabrina R

As the school year begins so do the fall sports. Girls volleyball here at Mountain Range is a program made of 53 amazing athletes. With our new coaches, such as Will Rozum and Eiley Durham, there is no doubt that the 2021-2022 volleyball season will be nothing short of extraordinary.

The girls are brimming with excitement for some of their first matches. Seven out of eighteen of their matches will be away games. Their first match will be an away game against Prairie View High School in Henderson, Colorado. Practicing every weekday for 2 hours since August 11, there is no doubt that these girls are prepared for anything the Thunderhawks will throw their way.

While there are many away games on their list, the district however will not be providing buses to the team, due to COVID reasons. Guests will be allowed at the home games, same as it was two seasons ago, however, since the away games are so frequent on the schedule the competing schools will send Coach Rozum updates on the required actions that need to be taken.

Masks for the athletes will be optional during game play, but mandatory off the court depending on the school and the district. Female athlete, Chynna Young says that she is “excited for the season and the only difficult thing so far has been the 110 day burpee challenge”, that the Varsity team has had to do since completing tryouts.

Implementing new training into the program is something that Coach Rozum has done an amazing job at, especially with his efforts to have a strong offensive team. The girls hope to have an amazing season with the new coaches and players. This is a hard time especially for some of these girls with adjusting to the new coaches considering this is only the coaches second season at Mountain Rage. Nonetheless, we hope that the Mountain Range Volleyball team has an amazing and eventful season this Fall.

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