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Coach Sandman Steps Down From Head Wrestling Coach After 31 Years

By Jackson S.

Todd Sandman, wrestling coach at Mountain Range High School, is stepping down after 31 years of coaching. For many years he has been a wise teacher for young

wrestlers and very respected in the wrestling community.

Assistant Coach Jeff Harrington says that “It is an unfortunate but necessary change," insisting that you can't keep Sandman forever. Harrington stated that he and Sandman would most likely do a switch. This would make Sandman the assistant coach and Harrington the new head coach. ¨I'm not ready for all the new responsibilities, but I will be¨; Harrington in regards to being a head coach. Being

a head coach requires a lot of responsibilities. This includes taking calls,

paperwork, setting up tournaments, and being responsible for the team.

Harrington, however, is not new to wrestling. Harrington has been wrestling since

he was a little kid just like Sandman.

So why is Sandman leaving in the first place? Coach Sandman says he is stepping down due to family. His daughter is moving to New Zealand to get married and Sandman wants to be with her more in the little time he has left with her. Not to mention he has been coaching for so long that “It would be nice to start settling down¨.

Sandman believes that switching with Harrington is a good idea. He says it will be good for the program to change it up and start implementing things that Harrington wants for the wrestling team. All wrestlers have different styles and things that work for them. Harrington can bring forth a new style that could fit other wrestlers for the better. Regardless, there is some good coming out of this.

Sandman also had a hard time dealing with the effects of COVID on wrestling. Dealing with COVID going around in previous years has made wrestling difficult. He believes it

damaged the wrestling community. People were required to wear masks while

they wrestle, and take COVID tests frequently. Understandably, it was still a safety

concern for many people resulting in hard times for wrestling as not as many kids

came out. Sandman hopes that the wrestling team will shoot back up this year to

one of the top competitors. Even going as far as saying “We were at a low point

last year, but it fluctuates and i'm thinking we're getting back to business this

year¨. Harrington also is eager to get going as he says he wants other schools to

say “What's with these Mountain Range guys eating up everybody,¨ as he wants

Mountain Range to become ä force to be reckoned with¨.

Last year's team has a lot to say as a lot of the team considers Sandman like family. Wrestler Angelo Melendez says ¨It's going to be weird¨. However as soon as the news of Sandman still acting as assistant coach, most of the team settled down as they realized ¨It's still going to be the same, because they always coached as a duo anyways¨.

Sandman has been wrestling since he was able to walk. He knows the

team could benefit from his coaching for many years. However, he feels he has

to take care of his own needs, not just spending time with his daughter, but

taking some pressure off of his back.


Jackson S is a first year Journalism student at MRHS. Jackson loves taking in new knowledge at the school. He competes in varsity wrestling and golf for the school as well as being the number one for both. Not only is he athletic but strives to be his best in class as well. He appreciates F. Scott Fitzgerald John Steinbeck. Jackson breaks down literature on a level out of our comprehension. You can find Jackson at the gym or fishing most days.

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