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Baseball winter workouts lead up to new season

by Jackson K.

Gearing up for this upcoming season, Mountain Range baseball players and coaches are getting back in the swing of things with winter workouts which are set to run through the end of February.

With new players, as well as a new coaching staff, many are eager to see how everything will turn out. Former Mustangs baseball player Mark Cusick shared his thoughts, stating that he is excited to see “how well things will turn out.” With a new environment, as well as new players (in starting roles and players who are just getting started with the program), it seems many people have high hopes for our Mustangs.

Although the biggest question is, how will things look different?

For starters, new goals and expectations have been introduced to players and parents. The core values of the program will be reflected in how coaches coach, and the “standard of character” to which the players are held. They discussed the importance of grit and how it can be useful to achieve goals, and dealing with “inevitable failure” that comes along with the sport. Key parts of the program that will have a great impact. Organization and communication throughout the whole program will be much improved, and most of all, a completely different mindset going forward. Making sure leadership is present throughout the whole thing.

A coach always has an objective no matter what, and that is to make an impact. They want to make sure that a team is a team, and never individual players, and their goal in the end is to always finish at top, and while it may take time to get there, the day will come where the Mustangs are the best.

While you can never set your expectations too high, it’s never bad to hold yourself to high standards. And that goes for everyone.

As for the players, they are more than excited to start doing what they love again.

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