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A Groovy Homecoming: The ‘New Normal?’

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

by Mason Z

Since Covid-19, the first in-person homecoming has arrived and it was 70's themed. But this year, things were a bit different, homecoming was out in the Adams 12 Stadium across from Mountain Range High School. With the pandemic still looming over us, Mountain Range staff and students made every effort to have an in-person homecoming this year. But how did the students feel about the dance and change in location and how did this year differ from pre-covid dances?

Senior attendee Miranda Harrelson (who had also been to her Sophomore and Freshman year homecomings) explains that she actually preferred the outside location more, “I liked the stadium homecoming better because it was less hot and felt less cramped.” She then went on to explain, “This was by far my favorite homecoming I’ve been to.” Another senior Ethan Stumbaugh gives his take on homecoming as well, “I thought that the dance was incredible and that they should have started hosting it at the stadium years ago.” Seniors seemed to have a memorable last homecoming and even encouraged the school to host more outside events like this. With each day leading up to Homecoming, Mountain Range had ‘spirit week’ to build up hype for the eventual big football game and dance; Mom & Dad Monday, Twin Tuesday, Black and Blue Wednesday, Tie-Dye Thursday and Neon Friday.

When Homecoming arrived on Saturday, the Stadium was of course packed with lines of cars and students that wrapped around the building. Teachers and staff were directing students to two separate lines: one with students from the school and one with students who were bringing a guest with them. The main line of students then broke into two more sections at the entrance, with students who had a homecoming ticket and those who still needed one costing $5 more. Once entered, you were greeted with a giant fabric red carpet that you would walk down with Mr. Simpson at the end taking pictures. In the middle of the football field a dj booth was set up playing crowd favorites like the Cupid Shuffle, YMCA and other popular hits. Near the bleachers were water and food stations. Scattered around the field on the opposite side of the dj booth were around 8-10 tables with chairs. “It was nice that they included chairs this year,” Miranda explains, “Even though there were way more students than tables it was still a nice gesture.”

In previous years, Homecoming was inside the gym and cafeteria. The gym would be where the DJ and dancing were and the cafeteria would be where concession stands and seating areas were. This year it seemed there were a lot less decorations relating to the theme. “I noticed there were not a lot of decorations relating to the 70’s theme.” A Junior Ava said. Although the red carpet was included, you couldn’t really tell homecoming had a theme. With the change in location and the uncertainty surrounding how the pandemic will affect the dance, 2021 Homecoming proved to be one to remember and for a lot a sigh of relief that life will be back to some sort of normalcy, or the ‘new normal.’

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