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2021 First Homecoming Game After Covid

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

by Sasha S and Malaak W

On Friday, September 17, Mountain Range is going up against Rangeview at the North Stadium at 7pm, and this will be the first homecoming game since the outbreak of Covid19.

Last year most people were at home bored with nothing to do, and now we’re back to “normal” and celebrating our school at the 2021 homecoming football game. We asked seniors Chase and Mckayla how they felt about being able to go to the game and they said, “They were glad to go to games and do the activities, and it gives people something to look forward to”, they also said, “the game relieves stress, and it was hard being cooped up at home”. Nick Lebya explained that he has “fun being around people and not being locked in his room.” Covid took a lot of opportunities and experiences away from students, so being back is lively.

Since football players have a different perspective about the football game, we asked them how they felt about being able to be back on the field. We asked Isaiah Ornelas how being in football has affected his life, and he stated that “football affected my life in a super positive manner, it made me get out of my comfort zone, it made me more of a leader towards my peers, and it most definitely made a good impact on me.” “Football has changed my life for the better, and I’m glad to be back and playing again”. Many football players or even other sports players lost many opportunities to play because of covid-19, most if not all sports were put on hold because of this virus. Covid-19 also had an impact on the football coaches for many reasons. When we asked the coach how he prepared the team for the homecoming game? He explained that “they create their game plan on the weekend, watch some games of the opponent, keep the members of the team focused, and practice their routine.” Another question we asked the coach was, is the homecoming game different from a regular game ? “To him it’s not, but to the players it is, announcement of homecoming people, and bigger half times.”

Finally, the day of the game, all the talk has been leading up to this moment. Many people showed up to this game, students from the schools, friends, and family. Unfortunately Mountain Range did lose to Rangeview to 36-6. Many people were bummed we lost but they didn’t keep students from being excited for homecoming. Although Mountain Range lost, football players still stayed positive throughout it all.

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