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Stanley Hotel: The Story Behind Its Haunting

By Faith M.

The Stanley Hotel is a mystery to not only me but to many students and even teachers at Mountain Range. What makes this hotel so ‘haunted’? The story behind this hotel isn’t actually creepy, in fact it starts out with a man just trying to heal his illness. Freelan Oscar Stanley first moved out to Colorado with the hopes to relieve his tuberculosis, which was actually relieved due to the open mountain air and lots of sunlight. He was so happy that he vowed to come back every season, which ended up with him making a hotel.

Now, Stanley and his wife, Flora, are one of the people said to haunt the hotel. Another of the supposed ghosts who roam the hotel is a former housekeeper, Elizabeth Wilson. She was reportedly lighting lanterns in the infamous room 217 when she was seriously injured by an explosion. Even though she survived once she did die, she came back to the hotel and now spends her nights haunting the guests of room 217. Her form of haunting includes moving luggage and turning the lights on and off, but the creepiest of her hauntings are sleeping between unmarried people in bed. The guests who are unmarried and spend their nights in the hotel actually report feeling a cold presence between them in bed.

But, these ghosts aren’t only adults who worked in the hotel, there are also records of a autistic boy, named Billy, wandering the halls and playing with guests' hair. Records show that he is drawn to people who work with, or are comfortable with autistic children. On the fourth floor there are even reports of multiple children running in the halls. The fourth floor is primarily where the nannies used to watch the children during the day. Along with these children and workers, there are also reports of pet ghosts roaming the grounds, due to the pet cemetery on the grounds.

Now, The Stanley Hotel offers rooms for guests and even hosts weddings. So, if you ever want a creepy night out, book a room at the Stanley Hotel, where ghosts roam the halls.

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