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Inside the Void, Surrounded by Death

by Carson A

A graveyard at night is eerie to say the least. Darkness is amplified, deafening silence fills even the deepest crevasses of the mind, any little noise gets your full attention. Fear eats away at your insides, the unknown sends chills down your spine. Always stick together, separation is where the real horror sits in. Be prepared, be smart, have a plan. If you’re going to make a stupid decision, at least do it smart.

Elmwood Cemetery, located in Brighton, CO. My friend and I arrived around 7:00 pm, dark as could be. It wasn’t hard to get into at all, there were one way roads you could drive on that looped around the entire cemetery. Once we found a place we liked, we parked and walked around. Creepy to say the least. We made sure to be respectful: staying on the trails, not walking over people’s graves or disturbing anything, simply observing where we were.

The conversations were an aspect that stood out a lot. My friend and I looked at all the graves and thought, these were all people that lived their own lives. What did they do? What were they passionate about? Who are their family and where are they now? What were they known for? I can remember staring at a grave, and letting the fact that someone is buried 6 feet under get in my head. I could feel their empty presence through the Earth; chills ran down my spine.

Paranoia came in waves. Surprisingly, it was a peaceful environment. Except when a car would slow down and stop on the neighboring road. This wasn’t a one time thing, 3 different cars did this. Little odd, but we just brushed it off and we were fine. The noise of a stick snapping will get your heart pumping and your head to whip around though. I was conflicted, am I more scared to see someone in a graveyard or something in a graveyard? Definitely someone… someone being in a graveyard alone at night is concerning. At least if it were something paranormal I know that’s it's home and it's expected. I drew the conclusion that the snapping stick was just an animal and soon forgot about it.

To conclude my experience, it was interesting. The vibe was different, not in a bad way. It was fun to try something new with my friend, something we both have never done before. Is that to say this will be a regular thing? Not at all. It just felt right that night. Being in a graveyard on a chilly, October night with the full, orange moon illuminating the surroundings felt like a stereotypical high school movie. It was a great experience to get into the Halloween spirit. An experience I would love to replicate in future spooky seasons. An experience I would recommend only to those who are responsible, respectful, and follow unwritten rules.

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