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A Dive Into Machi Art

By Ameera S.

(@machiii.00 on Instagram)

I have recently been submersing myself in the Colorado art scene. After discovering the local music Colorado has to offer, I sought out visual artists in close proximity to Mountain Range’s community and stumbled upon the ethereal digital art pieces Malachi Rodriguez shares with the world.

Consuming an artist's work can be an extremely personal experience, for art is an expression of identity and self. I often find myself lacking a personal connection with modern-day art for a multitude of reasons; however, after viewing the pieces Adventure and The other side I got drawn into the stories Malachi tells with his art. Machi Art was my first introduction to digital art and I have learned so much through him about the difficulties of layering and virtual brush sizes. I did not expect his pieces to resonate with me because of the fact that they are virtually produced; although, after studying digital art I have appreciated it even more because of the level of difficulty it takes to create his astonishing pieces. His art initially featured a bright color palette with green and blue earth themes, but as he progresses in his art journey, the usage of pinks, purples, and darker shades become present. Malachi has distinguishable repetition in his art, such as a character wearing a cloak that I feel allows him to stand out and have something specific to his pieces.

Just viewing Malachi’s art elevates me to another dimension. My eyes become glued to the screen and I cannot help but value every tiny detail. What makes Malachi’s art so breathtaking is how personal it is to him. Malachi, an introverted individual, tells you everything you need to know about him through the imagery he creates with every brush stroke. The amount of personality and identity he puts into the themes of his pieces is quite evident and gives him an edge.

A Conversation With The Artist

How do you stay consistent with producing art pieces?

‘I don’t try to overwork myself in an attempt to not get burnt out. I channel my surroundings into my art and they often spark new ideas. The media I consume, such as anime, also is a huge influence for me that only inspires me to continue to keep creating.’

Who Are your biggest influences in the art world?

‘I would have to say Ross draws and Marco Bucci are my biggest influences. Sam Yang and Devinelle Kurtz are high up there as well. I discover lots of artists on ArtStation, and you can find my art there as well! (

What do you find the most challenging about digital art?

‘The most challenging aspect has to be getting the textures correct for material items such as clothing in my art. It’s really difficult to make my art look organic as opposed to mechanical.’

What draws you more to digital art as opposed to other mediums?

‘Digital art allows me to express my creativity without making a mess. Another issue with things like painting or drawing is if you make a mistake, you can’t just go back and press the delete button, but digital art allows you to do so.

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