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The Dodgeball Dream

By Reece B.

Signing up last minute for a school event I never thought I would do with my friends was one of the best decisions I've made in a while. Dodgeball is a sport I have always loved since the days of having tournaments back at my middle school, Century Middle School. I never knew I would be playing again until I walked into math class Friday and had all my friends telling me to sign up and help create a team with them. I think what made me so excited was knowing I have been waiting four years for this since middle school to play again. I never won one of the tournaments out of the 3 years in middle school which I think further motivated me.

Caidon B, a graduating Senior with me, was one of my teammates who actually won the 8th grade tournament at Century who was on my team. Caidon told me, ¨I can't believe we decided to sign up on the last day of the tournament and win. I remember playing 4 years ago and winning and we did it again. I think it's cool knowing we will get to be part of the school forever with our names and maybe a picture of us in the trophy cabinet.¨ Even before winning I think all of us knew we could win because of the fact that we´re all super competitive with everything we do.

One thing I like about our school events is how outfits always play a big role in the school spirit, some teams wore all neon and some wore all black. Pjs were our first and best idea for an outfit and I think we pulled off the look pretty good.

If anyone is thinking about signing up for an event like a dodgeball or volleyball tournament next year I couldn't recommend it enough. The crowd spirit, the energy, even the announcers put on a show which made it memorable and worth it. Looking back, I wish I would have had the courage to compete in these types of events without worrying about looking childish.

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