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Students react to school calendar changes

by Izzy W.

During the first semester of this school year the Adams 12 district put out a survey for a new calendar change for the 2023-2024 school year. This survey consisted of only 3 options to pick from, 1) school days stay the same with early release Wednesdays 2) Mondays off and go to school full time 4 days a week 3) Normal 5 day week but no more short day Wednesdays.

Now, Adams 12 has decided to go with option 3. All Adams 12 districts will have 5 full days of school Monday-Friday, but every school gets out 20 minutes later. For example high school typically gets out at 3:30; next school year students will be getting out at 3:10.

This change was quite shocking to a lot of people and a lot of students were upset about this change because Wednesdays were the days they get caught up on school, the days they can sleep in just a little bit more, as well as getting help from teachers during academic support.

Adalina R., a sophomore here at The Mountain stated “I really hate the new change, I mean it was a short day and it's nice having a break in the middle of the week to get my school work all caught up”. Meanwhile, Luis M., also a sophomore at Mountain Range says, “I think I’m gonna like the change, it's like a new start and no teachers are going to have to rush during classes”.

Though some students know exactly how they feel some don’t. Junior Robyn Y. says she doesn't know how to feel: “I mean I've had early release days since elementary school so it is going to take a while to get use to but I'm open to trying it before I have a say in whether I like it or not”.

Some students even have stronger opinions on this change, Geno W., a Junior doesn’t think the change is beneficial and its pointless, “I just don’t see why they needed to change it, they said the mostly did it so middle schoolers could get out earlier but what's the point if its only 20 minutes earlier?” Landon M., a sophomore who plays baseball and football here at The Mountain feels like he won't have time throughout the day to catch up, “Practice is normally right after school and by the time I get home it's late and I have to eat and get ready for school tomorrow, I know we have off hours but who knows how much shorter classes will be, even now I can barely get a lot of work done during the hours we have now so having Wednesdays was perfect days to get my work caught up for the week”.

Although all students have their own opinions the calendar change has been set in place and will be the new schedule for the 2023-2024 school year.

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