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Powder Puff 2023 Vs 2024

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

by Andrew L. and Alexis Z.

The Range staff writers

MRHS-On September 14th, 2022. The class of 2024 took a shocking victory over the class of 2023 in the annual powderpuff game held at North Stadium.

This victory caused a split in the senior class. Chelsea, a senior powderpuff player, stated that she was not expecting the loss, since the senior team was exceedingly bigger than that of the juniors. On the other side of the coin, however. Emberlynn (12) stated that she was expecting the loss to the junior class. The juniors however, were not expecting the win, Olivia and Haiden, both junior powderpuff players stated that they weren’t anticipating the win, considering their team was considerably smaller when compared to the senior team.

Upon interviewing both junior and senior powderpuff players, a common theme was found: the idea of unity, and bonding with one another. We interviewed four players, two from each team, and when asked what their favorite part of the game was, all of them stated that the team bonding both before, during and after the game were their favorite moments. Whether it be bonding with their team or their opposing team. Bonding seemed to be an important component of everyone’s enjoyment.

Throughout the process of recruiting girls, it became apparent that the senior team was going to be larger than that of the juniors, by a long shot. Leaving outsiders and players alike wondering Why? So, we asked. Chelsea (12) stated that the junior team may have been small because the junior girls either did not want to play, or couldn’t due to physical or academic eligibility. Olivia (11) also stated that no one wanted to play, so no one volunteered, and Haiden (11) said that “maybe our class is just boring” However, Emberlynn (12) stated that the junior team may have been so small because in past years, this years junior class never got to witness/ watch a powderpuff game, and never got to understand how much fun it would have been if they had joined. Many said that they felt regretful for not joining. Some girls even said that they had joined and dropped out, only to regret leaving.

At the end of the night, the score wound up being 42- 26, causing quite the uproar in the senior class. Most stated that the junior team was far too small to have won the game by that many points. Which many said could be because the refs were only playing the same 15- 18 girls from the senior team of 60. The game also resulted in a junior player breaking her wrist, the only major injury throughout the whole game. However, it also resulted in bruising and soreness from all of the tackling, and the occasional dislocated elbow, or knee: injuries that most athletes face on a normal basis. Despite the shocking victory for the junior class, and the reaction it resulted in, the game was a blast to watch, and it was good to watch the girls interact with each other and bond with one another on the field, despite their differences off the field.

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