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Music beneficial to students, teachers

by Malaak W.

Many students along with teachers play music in their headphones or even in their classrooms while doing individual work to improve their focus, creativity, and concentration. A study called Should You Let Students Listen to Music in the Classroom? reveals that listening to music increases a positive attitude in mood and an increase in creativity. Additionally, online school Connections Academy touts the many not only physical benefits but also mental of music education. They state that playing an instrument or even listening to music increases self confidence, improved listening skills and more social skills, which also stimulates the brain.

Although some teachers or parents may disagree with the fact that music has many benefits, they may see it as a distraction or disturbance in schools, claiming that students can't do work and listen to music because multitasking may make them lose our focus on the work.

Lots of MRHS students prefer listening to music while working. Sophomore Sarah K. feels as if she can get more work done, and is more on task when she is able to pop in her airpods and listen to music. Freshman Edie Z. also agrees with the fact that she feels like she can get more done, because she is able to focus herself on the task at hand and being able to block out outside distractions with music. Despite the fact that some students may not be able to stay on task or focus with music, it does help and benefit many students.

Music stimulates the brain, which also helps with children's development of words and vocabulary in a small amount of time. Not only does music benefit teenagers and adults, but also young children who may just be trying to learn the A, B, Cs. The Importance of Music Education in Schools shows how its proven young children are more likely to memorize something if it has a beat to it, or is catchy.

In classrooms music gives students unique opportunities to express themselves, which helps build confidence and creativity. If students are able to listen to music, it can help kids keep engaged in the subject and not lose focus as fast. Helps develop social skills, imagination, creative thinking, etc. Besides all of these factors, music helps students connect with other people while enjoying the same songs.

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