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Introducing the 2023-24 MRHS Journalism students: Sophomores!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Meet the 10th grade MRHS Journalism students

Jayden B. grew up loving things like music, sports, cooking, and gaming, and he still loves those things to this day. He also has been working on going viral with his music or going pro on a sports team. He loves collecting shoes, although he doesn’t have the money to build his collection right now, he really does plan on building it up. He has 4 siblings, 3 half sisters and 1 real brother. Although he doesn’t see his mom’s side of the family anymore, he does plan on moving with his dad to stay with him and his side of the family. In his free time he finds things to do like make music, hoop, hang with friends/family, and sleep. Overall Jayden is a pretty chill type of guy, unless you give a reason to be rude but even then it takes a long time to get their (depending on what you did).

Nevaeh L. is a Mountain Range High School student who has a passion for drawing. She may be struggling with her ADHD and it does affect her a bit but she is learning how to overcome her condition and starting to get into her own passion. She also loves Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream. She wants to be a commissioned artist.

Benny M. is a nerdy teen with lots of knowledge, whether useful or not. He joined Journalism as a sophomore at Mountain Range High School, because it sounded fun and he wanted to try new things. When he isn’t doing absolutely nothing on the couch even though he has work to do, you can find him curled up with a good book in a hammock chair, painting miniatures in his garage, or doing something related to star wars and/or lightsabers. He enjoys audiobooks of his favorite titles, like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and The Lightning Thief or Magnus Chase, both by Rick Riordan. He is a theater kid as well as a TSA kid, and after school in fall or spring, he is likely working on the current show’s lights and set. Benny enjoys researching current events in the scientific world, as well as watching Marvel shows and movies and comparing them to the comics. He enjoys captaining his ship The Pyro Hawk in Sea of Thieves with his loyal crew of friends, and participates in the foam-flinging hobby of nerfing when he can.

Athena Q. is an MRHS Journalism student in 10th grade. She has two dogs and two siblings and was born and raised in Colorado. For 2023- 2024 Athena would

say she's Looking forward to earning all credits this year so she has the opportunity tomake up more next summer so that starting her junior year she's on the right path.

She's determined to do her best and take any opportunity to learn to use it to better her future. Athena is on the Mountain Range Varsity Cheer Team, she has always loved to

do gymnastics and only did a little cheerleading in elementary school until freshman year. She also likes drawing and painting. This is her second year taking that class at

MRHS. Athena doesn't read much, but has a couple books that she just had to get her own hardcopy of after reading it at school, most of the books she reads are fiction

stories her favorites are The Little Princess, Edward Tulane, The child called it, And all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Although Athena doesn't read much, she has fun creating new stories for others to read and cant wait for this upcoming school year to learn more about writing stories that the MRHS community can read and enjoy.

Venus T. was born and raised in Colorado, being welcomed into the world in mid 2008. She recently celebrated her 15th year of life, as she stepped into her Sophmore year at MRHS. Her freshman year, Mr.Adamsky presented what Journalism was and why we should join it to Mrs.Boehm’s CP English 9 class, and that was when her mind had become set on the course. Venus had been writing stories and narratives since she was in elementary school, one of her earliest academic memories was the “Writer’s Workshop” in her kindergarten class, where her passion for writing had sprouted. In 6th grade, a book titled “Pretend She’s Here” by Luanne Rice had been assigned to her for a reading assignment, and despite the dark aspect of this book, the psychological horror of it all was deeply compelling to her. Her love for horror has followed her since then, in all aspects of media and art. She can often be found in her bed, under a weighted blanket watching Criminal Minds or Shameless, or playing Assassins Creed. Her friends and family mean more to her than anything else in this world, and everyone who knows her is well aware of her bustling social life. Aside from sleeping, writing, reading, or surfing social media, she’ll often apologize for the time she didn’t respond to you due to being out in the mountains, exploring. Follow Venus on Instagram, Tiktok, or add her on Snapchat @healthied , she’s always happy to make new friends.

Paul V is an angry teenage student who attends Mountain Range High School. His passion for writing might not be that high but he feels this year might be the year to change that perspective. He thinks his teacher could change that. And even though his passion for writing isn't that high he has a very high love for basketball and wants to play for the school if he keeps his grades up. Basketball has been his favorite sport since he was a little kid going to a Nuggets game with his family. Ever since that magical experience his love for the game just kept getting bigger and bigger.He also loves the taste of Little Caesar's pizza he thinks it's the best pizza out there. He also loves Dr. Pepper and juice. Though when he is not eating or playing basketball he loves to play first-person shooters with his friends with his cat or dog lying beside him he has a rottweiler whose name is Gotti and when he's not playing his game he loves to go out and play basketball. He talks a lot of smack because he has a high ego and will try his hardest to win a game no matter what it takes.

Isiah V. is a teen who was born in September 2007. He lacks school motivation; all he does is skate and hang out with friends Anthony, Zay, Ethan, Shea, and Carlos, and all they do is drive around and go to the mall or go to Target and mess around. When Isiah was 6 years old to 12 he played for a back to back championship little league football team. When Isiah and his brother were younger they threw Hot Wheels cars at each other; now they both have scars because of it. When Isiah is writing stories he writes horror or murder stories like The Zodiac and The Devil in the White City. His stories are dark and sometimes weird but a lot of people like them. When Isiah is not in school he is at the skatepark. His Instagram is isiah_reid_12.

Janelle V. is a sophomore student at Mountain Range High School who is quiet but outgoing when you get to know her. Her upcoming wasn't the best but she tries to make the most out of bad situations. She was very quiet her freshman year no one really knew her. This year she is trying to step out of her comfort zone and try new things and make new friends. In her free time, she loves to try new makeup looks. Her birthday is on Halloween I mean how cool is that? She is the only girl out of 3 older brothers, being the only girl and the youngest sibling, she must have her hands full. She has a 1-year-old niece who is a very loving but mean baby. She is trying to be the best leader for her peers and the new freshmen. She loves helping her classmates when they have questions about an assignment. She can help other students understand what they are learning on a student-to-student leave. Her future dream

job is to be a makeup chemist.

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