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AP Lang. Make-A-Wish bake sale raises over $900

by Jacob N.

On September 27th, MRHS teacher Mrs. Brandi Potestio and her AP Language students organized a bake sale at parent-teacher conferences to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish

foundation. The funds will be used to help 7-year-old Mati.

Potestio acknowledges the many ways in which money can be raised and states that not every student has the means to help financially. By having a bake sale, more outlets are opened for students to support causes they believe in. Having it at parent-teacher conferences allowed parents to be aware of the cause and potentially buy some baked goods.

In years prior, Mrs. Potestio had organized the bake sale herself but saw a problem with the financial aspect. She believed that allowing students to participate in the bake sale allowed for more ways to help than simply donating money: “I used to bake and raise money but that is still asking kids to buy stuff. I came up with the idea that either students could help out by baking something themselves, or giving up time to work, or helping set up, just different outlets, not always financial.” Potestio stated.

Several students were giving up their time to support the Make-A-Wish cause by working at the bake sale. One of these students, 11th-grade Jayrice R. says “Honestly, being able to help and support that kid, it really feels great.”

11th grader Cam C. set up a fundraising website, which at the time of writing has raised

over $450 dollars in donations. During parent-teacher conferences, the bake sale itself

managed to raise over $400 dollars. In total, the AP Language class managed to raise around


All of the proceeds will go towards helping children afflicted with terminal illnesses

achieve their dreams. Each student who helped in this endeavor showed immense kindness,

responsibility, and maturity. Dollar by dollar, and cookie by cookie they are making the world a

better place.

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